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    Video: Going up is a Hara-Kiri/ +Abschlussvideo

    Geschrieben von Administrator am 18.März 2011

    Hier das Video über den letzten, nicht gelungenen Besteigungsversuch:

    Und ein Abschlussvideo des ABC- Teams :-)

    Kategorie: Hidden Peak (2011) |

    3 Kommentare zu Video: Going up is a Hara-Kiri/ +Abschlussvideo

    1. Nikki Palmer schrieb am 18.März 2011 um 13:59

      Congratulations on all your efforts boys. The video are incredible! Hope you are proud of all you accomplished. I wish you a safe trip home and nothing but good memories from this expedition.

    2. Traude Flaser schrieb am 20.März 2011 um 02:11

      Louis we did not hear much in Canada about your journey, but I am so proud of you and I will let people know. Gerfried there is always the next time, congratulations on all your achievements. The videos were so amazing, thank you for letting us be part of this couragous expedition. Your families will be so happy when you return. Gute Heimreise

    3. mirza ali schrieb am 21.März 2011 um 14:01

      Gerfried,Louise and Alex are young strong guys, your new route attempt was commendable without HPS!!!
      definitely there is always second chance, i loved to follow your expedition and also did try to share with my facebook community and also on my page!

      looking forward meeting you guys at the Austrian Embassy Reception in Islamabad.
      safe and happy travelling!

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